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Hawaii Five-0 is an American action police procedural television series that centers around a special police major crimes task force operating at the behest of the governor of Hawaii. It is a reboot of the 1968–1980 series Hawaii Five-O (the original series had the letter "O" instead of the number "0" in its title), which also aired on CBS. The series was produced by K/O Paper Products and 101st Street Entertainment, initially in association with CBS Productions, then CBS Television Studios starting in season three. The show received praise for its modern take on the original series. The series premiered on September 20, 2010 on CBS and aired on Mondays for its first three seasons. Beginning with season four, the program was moved to Fridays. Hawaii Five-0 would run for seven additional seasons and concluded with its 240th and final episode on April 3, 2020. Peter M. Lenkov, one of the show's developers, created two additional police shows that were reboots of previous TV series: MacGyver and Magnum P.I. All three take place in the same fictional universe, and Hawaii Five-0 had crossover episodes with both of the others. The three shows have been collectively referred to as the "Lenkov-verse".

A member of the audience shared this in a review "Actually got to visit some of the wonderful HI islands as the 2010 re-boot began and even got to witness part of an early episode being produced in O'ahu. However, this personal experience was simply NOT enough to waste my time watching the progressively lame story-lines as the early seasons rolled on. Can't mourn over the loss of both DD Kim & G Park thanks to the aforementioned declining script issue (but I agree: I wish them much better in their future endeavors!) Everyone should have the opportunity to visit HI at least once in their lifetime: having that experience--I feel--ought to emphasize the surprise that the re-boot managed to survive as long as it did, but that's TV--another story"


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Vincent Viscardi says

"This is a communist based news station with propaganda to only push there agenda. The hate that is spewed from this station is disgusting. People open your eyes and think for yourself while you still can. Cause if this station has there way you will only be able to think what they want you to and do as they tell you to. I'm watching this country fall apart and news outlets like this are supporting it. They breed hate, close mindedness, and corruption. These people should be ashamed of themselves. But they have no soul no sense of right and wrong. I'm happy to see that they have a one star review. It tells me people are waking up. Hopefully it's not to late"

Someone who appreciates trust says

"I paid for the add free service to continue watching a show called criminal minds because Netflix only had the first twelve seasons so I went on safari to figure out where I could watch the rest, and much to my chagrin CBS had all the 15 seasons, only to find out after I bought the one month $9.99 that it only had season 15. I’m very upset due to this inconvenience and I advise you not to buy this tv system they only want your money and they don’t deserve this many users. Pretty soon HBOMax and Peacock will be more successful because I can find multiple shows there with all the seasons and all the movies unlike CBS. I still sadly have to finish this months so like freak I have to skip seasons 13-14 and watch 15 because I’m not paying $34.99 to buy one season on iTunes."

Tom Vogel says

"Like the last guy said. Horrible to customers. Plain Terrible service. This is by far the worst streaming service. Do not pay money for this. Did I mention the content goes below sub par and is kind of joke for movies."

Dennis says

"I signed up for cbs all access with commercials with a 30 day trial. I agreed to the one year package discount. Within a few hours of watching the TV froze on commercials. I reset the TV. Froze again. Called customer support and rebooted both TV modum. Froze again. Researched issue and found some got better results with no commercial option so I switched and immediately was charged $108. Called and asked why my credit card was billed during the 30 free trial. Was advised I should have read the entire contract that indicates any changes would result in immediate full charges and they could cancel my order but I owed $108. When I again explained why I changed program due to their service problem but wanted the trial to see if the app would work properly I was advised the charges stayed. I asked for a supervisor and after a wait was told the charges would be removed in 2-3 weeks as a one-time thing. If they would have just given me a while to see if the no commercial option would give me uninterrupted service I would have continued with the app on a yearly based but the response I got was basically uncaring and arrogant."

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